Hololux™ Light Field Solution
Hololux™ is a cutting-edge computer graphic
technology to create photorealistic virtual contents from captured imagery.
Through a process of capture, reconstruction, and rendering, Hololux™ core technology
reproduces the color, texture, shading, and translucency of any objects and scenes.
Hololux™ will be an ideal solution for the growing needs of virtual
renditions in AR/VR and 5G applications.
What’s unique about Hololux™ solution?
High Fidelity. Perfect for complex materials with anisotropy and translucency
Low cost and high efficiency
Affordable and accessible device enable automatic and scalable modeling service
Light Field across platforms
Reliable cloud service enables light field model integration across platforms including AR/VR applications.
Hololux™ Light Field Solution
An end-to-end solution to capture and render realistic 3D views of any objects and scenes for websites and mobile apps, and the system includes light field capture hardware, reconstruction cloud service, and rendering kits for both enterprise and personal use.
Hololux Catcher™
Light field capturing hardware
Hololux Cloud™
Light field cloud service to upload captured imagery and to generate light field models
Hololux Render™
Rendering SDKs can be integrated with all platforms and applications
3D/AR Solution for eCommerce
Provide full-immersive experiences that allow customers naturally to interact with photorealistic renditions across all the platforms
Find out how light field empowers your business
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