Vanguard in immersive 3D content technologies
OppenFuture Technologies is a light field capturing and rendering tech company. Its core technology provides the realistic 3D model displays of any merchandise on websites and mobile applications. Founded on the years of expertise in computer graphics and vision, OppenFuture team develops its patented technology – HololuxTM light field 3D capturing and rendering solution, which powers the immersive experience for various industries and allows people to easily create frictionless AR/VR applications with photorealistic 3D models across all the platforms.
Hololux™ is a cutting-edge technology to create photorealistic virtual 3D content from captured imagery. Through a process of capture, reconstruction, and rendering, Hololux™ core technology reproduces the color, texture, shading, and translucency of any objects and scenes. Hololux™ will be an ideal solution for the growing needs of virtual renditions in AR/VR and 5G applications.
OppenFuture provides full-immersive experiences that bring brands to life and allow customers naturally to interact with photorealistic renditions across all the platforms. Its solutions have been widely used by leading companies of e-commerce, retail, exhibition, education, entertainment, and other commercial applications.